1. Amin Phillips - New Designs

    Date 23 Nov 2017
    Recently I collaborated with Suzie Coulon, a London based stylist to create the set of images below. Suzie took the decision to use mature models for the shoot stating that age should not dictate your fashion. The designs themselves are from Amin Phillips (London).  TEAM: Styling: Suzie Coulon Make-up: Ganya…

  2. Wildlife Festival 2017

    Date 02 Jul 2017
    Situated at Brighton City Airport Wildlife Festival is a 2 day event that brings together a great eclectic mix of some the UK and beyonds best musical talent. This was my first year shooting it and it was a great weekend in the sunshine! Here are a few of my…

  3. Puckoo Couture

    Date 16 Jun 2017
    A small selection of images from the recent shoot for Puckoo Couture, shot in Bristol. A multi-location shoot with numerous makeup and clothing changes for Puckoo Couture’s brand new range. 

  4. Take That - Wonderland Opening Show

    Date 21 May 2017
    It was an absolute pleasure to be asked to photograph Take That’s opening performance of their Wonderland tour which kicked off in Manchester this week. A huge 2 hour set including all the classics is set around the circular stage and has awesome production. 

  5. ‘Winging it’! Paragliding - Keswick UK

    Date 29 Mar 2017
    I can safely say that I’ve never experienced a feeling quite like being ripped up into the sky attached to a massive kite before but thats exactly what happened this weekend. A massive thank you to the paragliding community, in particular Jan & Chris who let me tag along for…

  6. My Best of 2016

    Date 03 Jan 2017
    Check out some of my favourite moments from 2016, as always its been incredibly varied. Starting the year by cycling through Central America and then returning for the UK Festival season, Guam, Japan and many more adventures along the way. 

  7. Mute Collective Videos - Wales UK

    Date 19 Oct 2016
    As well as Scott M Salt Photography I also run a video production company called Big Blue Whale and recently we were asked to produced 3 short videos for them to display a variety of their clothing. We went to Wales just as the leaves were turning for autumn. 

  8. Central America

    Date 23 Mar 2016

  9. Volcan Acatenango, Volcan Fuego and Volcan Agua - Guatemala

    Date 05 Feb 2016
    After a days hard climb up Volcan Acatenango, which stands at 3976 metres, we setup at base camp ready to watch the night show that Volcan Fuego was about to put on after firing ash high into atmosphere all day. We are then treated to an amazing sunrise over Volcan Agua and the city of Antigua. 

  10. Bridgwater Illuminated Carnival

    Date 20 Nov 2015

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